Ciao, I am Italia Veneziano, otherwise known as Luciano Vargas. Push aside that happy cheerful coward. I'm what you call his counterpart, the 2P version of him. If you came here thinking that I would be just like him, you are wrong. My world is far more bloodier than you can imagine. Ask questions if you dare.
#Mun speaks
So how are the scotalia wedding plans going, hmmmmm~?


Since the Scotalia asks in my inbox have increased, I think it’s time to clear some things up.

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(Hello all! Sorry I still haven’t been active, but gonna be sharing this. Us muns have decided mutually that our characters are no longer together, and we hope everyone understands. Although I only meant to show Luciano changing for the better due to the negativity people show towards the 2ps and that in the 1p world, his hostility and his normal personality slowly mellows out, I understand what Scotty mun was thinking, and I do agree. So everyone, no more bugging about the scotalia, okay? <3 We’re still great friends and of course knowing us, silly things shall come. And again, I still ship Scotalia, but it’s not with our blogs anymore. Just wanted to explain all this guys, but we do appreciate how much you guys loved the pairing, really!)

#Mun speaks

(I do apologize, loves. Ireland and I had been planning to do more than just the gifs you had seen, especially since we’d be together for a few days, but as it turns out, we were way too drained from the con and the night we had our wigs on, we literally were nodding off that night and I was coughing and tearing up my throat like crazy, still am actually. We hope to spend time together again and do more special appearances.)

» 1 Day Later…

A passion of watching movies and having nice drinks… Huh… Strange how this is unfolding out.

(Also known as 1 con later. Exhausting and agh… Sickness…)

My apologies, followers, but it seems the mun and I have both fallen ill during this busy weekend… plus I have also met up with dear ask-irl-ireland and apparently she wants to teach me some ‘manners’…

(2 hours later)

It seems that a certain Irish lady and I have a few things we both dislike in common. How interesting… Not to mention we are both exhausted beyond anything.

Jus' don't tie me up again, Luciano... -__-

Don’t worry, I won’t~ Besides, we have plenty of people around us and there will be drinking after this hectic weekend… Let’s enjoy this, shall we?

#mun speaks

(Hello my darlings! I’m sorry that again I’ve disappeared. I’m exhausted, tired, and I have a con coming up this weekend  (Khaotic Kon) in which I am in a show for (Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre as Ennis). I’ll be rooming at a friends house and will see

Do you ever met Alfred? If you did, what do you think about him?

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Yes, I have met him. Honestly, there are too may similarities to my own America… Except this world’s is much easier to deal with, as he isn’t trying to bash in anyone’s head with his bat. Can we switch America’s please?

((I just wanted to stop by and say that you are an awesome 2p Italy cosplayer and I hope you have a great week))

(Let me love youuuu!!! >w< I know this is late but agh!)

Why hello Luciano~ It's been a while, hasn't it?

Why, isn’t it one of my favorite people~ It has been a while hasn’t it. How goes the cooking?